Baby’s 1st birthday cake – trial run

Anyone who knows that I love cake making (and decorating), also knows that I have a new found fascination with watching Ace of Cakes pretty much every evening! Ace of Cakes has inspired me to try 3D cakes and really challenge myself. When a friend asked me to make a 1st birthday cake for their daughter, one night just before falling asleep I had a eureka! moment to make a cake of baby building blocks – the are really cute and a way to spell a simple message.

Pretty colours and message agreed, I decided to do a trial run in my brand new 30cm square cake tin. I made 3 layers of strawberry sponge (colouring the middle layer in pink), sandwiched with buttercream and covered with fondant. My only worry was making sure the blocks were square and of similar proportion to each other (not as easy as you would think with cake).

Here’s my trial run with just white fondant icing and decoration. You’ll have to wait until the week after next to see how the real one looks 🙂


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