Alfa Romeo Spider birthday cake…

I’ve had to delay this post a little as this novelty birthday cake was a surprise for a lovely friend’s 29th (will have to start planning how I top this for her 30th). She has a lovely Alfa Romeo Spider car, so what better theme to do as her cake?!

Taking just 3 evenings to complete, the cake consists of two layers of chocolate sponge with chocolate butter cream (to which I added real chocolate for an extra special, chocolate bonus). I sandwiched these two, 30 cm square sponges together and cut one side off to add on top (making it 3 layers). I then cut at an angle so the whole shape was similar to a wedge. A square was cut out of the middle for the interior.

Next was the fondant icing…. first I did the interior (the square cut from the middle) in black fondant, then the blue placed over the whole cake. The trick was then to cut around where the black fondant was, to get a really neat seam where the two colours overlapped. The seats are made purely from fondant and secured together with cocktail sticks. All of the little bits of trim came together really fast (having a few photos of the car from different angles really helped). The windscreen was a bit of a difficulty and we did try melting sugar, but it cracked part way through cooling – something to practice I think!

The wheels are made of Oreo biscuits halved and the alloys were piped on, along with the badge detail. I’m really please how this cake turned out as it went from looking like a wedge of brown cheese, to a spaceship, to a bumper car and finally to an Alfa Spider 🙂


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