Lush lemon cupcakes

The thing I love about lemon-laced food is how refreshing it is, lemon sorbet, boiled lemon sweets and even lemon cupcakes! A few weeks ago we went to a tea shop in Peterborough, a proper vintage filled place, gorgeous cups and saucers with a flower in each as the table’s centre piece. After my smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, I just had to try one of their cupcakes – lemon with a lemon curd centre…. delicious, I had to make some myself!

Using my usual cupcake recipe, I simply added the grated zest of 1 lemon, juicing half of the same lemon for the buttercream icing. After the cakes were cooked (20 mins at 175 degrees), I cut a circle out of the middle and popped a teaspoon of lemon curd before replacing the lid. I them piped my lemon buttercream (I added a little more icing sugar to soak up and stiffen the buttercream once the 1 tbsp of lemon juice had been added). For the decoration I used some small jelly diamonds (the supermarket didn’t have my first choice of candied lemon slices) and sprinkled with a tiny amount of edible glitter.

Indulgent and refreshing 🙂 when you bite into these beauties you hit a glooping pool of lemonlicious curd!


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