Vintage inspired decorated cupcakes

Last night I thought I’d have a play with my texture mats and other various tools by decorating cupcakes with cute vintage themed fondant pretties.

Trex is a cupcake girl’s best friend! Spead a small amount of Trex on your surface to roll out your fondant – this won’t make your fondant dry out like icing sugar does. I used normal biscuit cutters to cut the rounds and made the bows by rolling a long thin piece of fondant, cutting it into a strip then folding each end into the middle and placing another small strip over the middle (where the two ends meet) to make the knot.

A silicone mould was used to create the cameo (free with Cake Decorating magazine issue 8). Once the fondant was pushed inside, I popped it in the freezer for 15 minutes to harden the fondant.

Simple techniques and a great way to spend an evening decorating cupcakes…


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