Stiegl beer cans in cooler box cake

The design of these beer cans is wonderfully retro! So I was super-excited to get my hands on a few examples for this 40th birthday Stiegl beer can cake.

In a undercover mission (with the help of the birthday boy’s lovely wife who commissioned the cake), I abducted some cans to copy. Looking at other beer can cakes, I could see a cooler box was the perfect platform for a boy’s favourite tipple. The sponge was Malteaser sandwiched together with vanilla buttercream. I made the cans by cutting out approx. 5 round sponge shapes and sandwiching these together before rolling them with ivory Renshaw fondant.

The longest task was cutting out the lettering, but seeing it all come together made the delicate work all worth while. The ‘spilt beer’ is melted sugar which was poured onto a tray and left to cool. The ‘ice cubes’ are marshmallows sprayed with a little PME pearl spray.

On the big day, after delivering the cake, I got to sample some of the much studied Austrian Stiegl beer – it is very, very tasty!


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