Cakedin website phase one – goes live….(finally)!

Cakedin website order cupcakes novelty cakes and celebration cakesAmongst cake baking I’ve been working on a ‘proper’ website for my cakes and finally managed to launch a phase one. It’s just a quick intro with some photos and cupcake, novelty & celebration cake flavour listings.

A fully functioning, mouthwatering, online ordering site is on its way, but I desperately wanted to thrust something into cyberspace before Christmas!!

So here it is:

Have a nose at it, email me if you need a cake fix (lets face it, who doesn’t?), and keep checking back for phase two (again, hopefully before Christmas!) 🙂


Budweiser beer bottle cake

After constructing Stiegl beer cans previously, I was excited to take on a Budweiser beer bottle cake. This novelty cake was in celebration of a 60th birthday. The sponge was Malteaser, sandwiched with vanilla malt buttercream and the fondant used on the cake was chocolate.

This beer bottle cake also saw the first outing of my wood texture mat – I covered the cake board with white fondant and pressed the texture mat into it (gently teasing with the rolling pin to ensure an even pressure). I then mixed chestnut and dark brown colouring with a bit of gin and brushed this over the embedded texture fondant, leaving it to dry for a good few hours.

The Budweiser labels are edible icing printed with edible ink, purchased from a local company called Redbrick Print who did a wonderful job on these.

Enjoy the finished cake pic while I enjoy the bottle of Budweiser which kindly posed for me 🙂Budweiser beer bottle novelty birthday cake

Baby boy building blocks celebration cake

With the birth of a baby boy, I gladly accepted the commission of a novelty cake to celebrate! I couldn’t resist using my new cutter set of tiny feet, and of course, lots of blue sugarpaste!

The sponge is chocolate with seriously chocolatey buttercream (nothing less than Green & Blacks cocoa powder). I desperately wanted to try making a little fondant train and teddy bear which were in the latest cake book I’d bought, not bad for a first attempt if I say so myself. The letters ‘B’ ‘O’ and ‘Y’ were cut out by hand from chocolate flavour fondant as I wanted the lettering to really stand out.

Congratulations to Laura and Keith on the arrival of baby Peter 🙂