Budweiser beer bottle cake

After constructing Stiegl beer cans previously, I was excited to take on a Budweiser beer bottle cake. This novelty cake was in celebration of a 60th birthday. The sponge was Malteaser, sandwiched with vanilla malt buttercream and the fondant used on the cake was chocolate.

This beer bottle cake also saw the first outing of my wood texture mat – I covered the cake board with white fondant and pressed the texture mat into it (gently teasing with the rolling pin to ensure an even pressure). I then mixed chestnut and dark brown colouring with a bit of gin and brushed this over the embedded texture fondant, leaving it to dry for a good few hours.

The Budweiser labels are edible icing printed with edible ink, purchased from a local company called Redbrick Print who did a wonderful job on these.

Enjoy the finished cake pic while I enjoy the bottle of Budweiser which kindly posed for me 🙂Budweiser beer bottle novelty birthday cake


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