Rose flavour cupcakes

On finding Rose Water extract for a decent price in Lakeland, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Adding just a teaspoon of rose water to my cupcake batter delicately flavoured the sponge – some said it was similar to turkish delight.

I decided to frost with a touch of pink (just a small amount of red liquid food colouring), lightly rose-flavoured buttercream. I used the Wilton 1M piping nozzle to get the rose shape (working from the inside, outwards) and decorated with a few small edible pearls and handmade green fondant leaves. I would recommend leaving the fondant leaves off of the butter cream if transporting or storing overnight as they tend to get a bit sticky and floppy once in contact with the butter cream 🙂

Another decorating idea is to use crystalised rose petals – whip up egg white until frothy, gently paint a little on the front and back of a clean, dry rose petal and evenly sprinkle with sugar. Leave to dry overnight or until crispy.


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