Retro computer birthday cake

Retro computer cake Retro computer cake with keyboard and post-it notes Retro birthday computer cake keyboardLooking at a computer everyday isn’t half as exciting as making a cake resembling one!

This retro computer and keyboard cake was a commissioned surprise 30th birthday cake for a friend at work. It’s made up of 3 x 30cm sheets of malted/Malteaser sponge, sandwiched together with malt and vanilla buttercream.

Once cut to shape I covered the screen, keyboard and mouse with Regalice Ivory fondant. I pre-made the keys (copying from a real-life PC keyboard) a couple of days before to allow them to firm up – this makes the fondant easier to write on with edible pen.

The edible start-up computer screen was printed by a local company called Redbrick Printing Solutions onto icing which was then (extremely) delicately transferred to the cake screen.

I then attached the keys to the keyboard (securing with a little blob of buttercream) and asked my caking assistant to write the birthday message and draw the keyboard icons while I made the black fondant USB cable connecting keyboard to computer screen.

You can’t have a computer desk without post-it notes! Perfect for an extra birthday message 🙂 cut out, curled around baking paper and left overnight to firm up.

The perfect birthday cake for techies and computer whizz kids!


Movember cupcake charity auction is closed…

Extra-big cake-filled thanks to those who bid to win our Movember cupcakes! Well done to our winner Kat who is the proud owner/eater of these beauties for £23 which has gone straight to

Thanks also to Anne who has kindly donated £20 on top of this 🙂

xx until next year… xx

Movember cupcakes charity auction – bidding extended!

It’s 1st December – the month of Christmas, and I’m feeling extra generous resulting in the bidding period for the Movember cupcake charity auction being extended until 6pm (UK time) today.

Please pop in your bid on my Facebook page all proceeds are going to Prostate Cancer UK!

Thanks for reading 🙂