Retro computer birthday cake

Retro computer cake Retro computer cake with keyboard and post-it notes Retro birthday computer cake keyboardLooking at a computer everyday isn’t half as exciting as making a cake resembling one!

This retro computer and keyboard cake was a commissioned surprise 30th birthday cake for a friend at work. It’s made up of 3 x 30cm sheets of malted/Malteaser sponge, sandwiched together with malt and vanilla buttercream.

Once cut to shape I covered the screen, keyboard and mouse with Regalice Ivory fondant. I pre-made the keys (copying from a real-life PC keyboard) a couple of days before to allow them to firm up – this makes the fondant easier to write on with edible pen.

The edible start-up computer screen was printed by a local company called Redbrick Printing Solutions onto icing which was then (extremely) delicately transferred to the cake screen.

I then attached the keys to the keyboard (securing with a little blob of buttercream) and asked my caking assistant to write the birthday message and draw the keyboard icons while I made the black fondant USB cable connecting keyboard to computer screen.

You can’t have a computer desk without post-it notes! Perfect for an extra birthday message 🙂 cut out, curled around baking paper and left overnight to firm up.

The perfect birthday cake for techies and computer whizz kids!


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