Christmas cupcakes and truffles

Chocolate truffles Christmas cupcake boxes Christmas cupcake in cake box Baileys coffee and orange spice cupcakes Baileys coffee cupcake Christmas Baileys coffee and orange spice cupcakesNow the festivities are done, I’ve found some time to post the baking efforts over Christmas! For the first time I made chocolate truffles – using Nigel Slater’s recipe which is super-simple! I made white chocolate, vanilla and coconut truffles and rich chocolate orange truffles dusted in cocoa powder. Truffles make an ideal gift as they last up to 3 weeks so you can make them in advance for Christmas parties too.

I also made a few Christmas cupcake gifts for family and couldn’t resist using these adorable Christmas cupcake boxes bought from e-Bay! I made mixed spice and orange cupcakes and also Baileys coffee cupcakes. Coffee sponge with Baileys buttercream cupcakes were decorated using my new snowflake cutters, I dusted fondant snowflakes with edible glitter.

The orange and spice cupcakes (orange and spice sponge topped with orange buttercream) I used holly cutters and rolled some red fondant berries and dusted the berries in red edible glitter.

Simple but effective 🙂


Coconut cupcakes

Where has the time flown? It’s been ages since I posted, but still been baking like a crazy cupcaker!!  First up – coconut cupcakes containing desicated coconut in my usual vanilla batter and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and dipped the edges into more coconut before finishing with a glace cherry.

I used this opportunity to trial freezing the sponge as I was worried about it drying out when defrosting, but I can safely say no such disaster occurred – even the baking cases stayed fully intact 😉

Next time I bake coconut cupcakes I think I’ll try using coconut milk instead of cows milk and see if I can really bring out that beautiful delicate flavour in the sponge and buttercream. Any volunteers for tasting?? 🙂caked in coconut cupcakes