Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party wedding cupcakes

My dear work colleague Emma tied the knot with her (now) husband Dave on Friday. She was very brave in taking on the task to make cupcakes for her evening guests herself, as well as actually getting herself ready to be a bride, but asked me to make some cupcakes for her daytime wedding guests.

Their wedding theme was tea party and the couple themselves had done a fantastic job of making a lot of things themselves, so between us we decided that Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party cupcakes would be the perfect compliment to their wedding meal. I made 3 cupcake flavours:

  • Vanilla (made with goats milk and goats butter) for the bride’s mother
  • Vanilla (made with cows milk and cows butter)
  • Rose Water (also made with cows milk and cows butter)

Once the cupcakes were out of the oven and completely cool, I piped a small amount of buttercream onto each cake and topped with a circle of fondant to make a dome. The cupcake decorations were made a couple of days in advance to allow them to harden, making them easier to assemble on the cakes. Everything was made by hand and I used PME flower cutters for the small flowers on each cake (purple signifying Rose Water flavour and blue signifying Vanilla flavour).

The decorations were put onto the cupcakes using royal icing and I also used royal icing to attached the edible pearls and pipe the little white dots onto the mushrooms.

Congratulations to Emma and Dave, glad the cakes went down a storm 🙂


Sally & Adam’s Wedding cakes (including a Groom’s cake)

What a complete honour to be asked to make my friends Sally & Adam’s wedding cakes! Not only that, but I was a guest at the big day too – and what a wonderful day it was 🙂

Their wedding cake was 3 tiers of belgian chocolate Sachertorte cake, covered in vanilla butter cream roses. With the wedding theme being ‘secret garden’ I also added belgian chocolate ivy leaves around the bottom. There are many Sachertorte recipes out there, but I used the Mary Berry recipe (from the Great British Bake Off) which was practised a few times before the real thing!

After a bit of deliberation, we decided on 3 flavours of cupcake; vanilla, strawberry and Malteaser. For the strawberry cupcakes I popped a spoonful of strawberry jam (from France) into the centre of each baked cake and piped strawberry butter cream over the top.

The Groom (Adam) has been working hard restoring a beautiful early 70’s bay VW Campervan which was the couple’s wedding car, it is stunning! So what better groom’s cake than a celebration of this gorgeous camper. The cake was a light fruit cake, covered in Anton Berg marzipan (which is super difficult to roll out by the way!). I did my best to model their cute little pooch ‘Lily’ to sit beside the van.

Hen party cupcakes

This week I was tasked with 12 cupcakes (6 lemon and 6 Malteaser) for a hen party which was a surprise visit to Royal Tunbridge Wells for some spa pampering. With this in mind I decided to have a bit of fun with chocolate and piped the name of the bride-to-be onto baking paper along with a little chocolate crown. I used Wilton Candy Melts, popped them in the microwave for short intervals until completely melted, popped a small writing nozzle in my piping bag and traced over some printed lettering.

Once the lemon cupcakes were iced with lemon buttercream, I prized the hardened chocolate decorations from the baking paper and gently sat them on each cake.

Hope the ladies had a super relaxing time on the hen do 🙂

Wedding cupcake trials – chocolate & hazelnut and vanilla cupcakes

Feeling inspired to decorate, I made two batches of cupcakes as taste trials for my friend’s wedding cupcakes. Firstly vanilla, topped with vanilla buttercream and fondant ivy leaves (I left these to harden over night in the crease of an egg box – this gave them a bit of shape) and edible pearls. For the wedding day ones I’m going to use darker green fondant and tease the edges of the leaves to appear more realistic.

The second flavour was a current favourite of mine – chocolate & hazelnut with a good dollop of Nutella in the centre. I’ve decorated these cupcakes using my Wilton 1M star nozzle which I’m finally getting to grips with :). The chocolate and hazelnut cakes are topped with chocolate buttercream and smashed hazelnuts.

Thumbs up from the bride to be 😉

Attempt 1 – Sachertorte

Now, I’m not one to shy away from a challenge so today I went out of my comfort zone and baked a non-cakey cake (I say non-cakey cake as it’s more eggs than anything else, except of course chocolate!).

A good friend of mine is getting married this year and has asked me about making 3 tiers of Sachertorte so I thought I’d get practising early. Her colours are black and white, so she’s asked for the outside to be lavished with vanilla butter cream instead of the traditional ganache. Following the ‘British Bake Off’ recipe (and despite getting one bit very slightly wrong) I’m pleased with my first attempt. Worried that it was going to be dry (as I’d read this was the experience of a brit who tried Sachertorte in Austria), to my relief it was moist, rich and very chocolatey. The vanilla butter cream really helps cut through the richness of the ‘sponge’ and looks quite dramatic with the colour contrast. Other bakers tend to sandwich these like a Victoria Sponge, filling with chocolate ganache – it looks more substantial, but I’d be worried that it’d cause instant heart failure on the first bite.

I also read that it’s best to wait a couple of days before cutting a Sachertorte – why is this? Does anyone else swear by this?